SiC FILTER RACK Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane Filtration

The high flux submersible SiC Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane filtration are designed for submerged outside-in-filtration applications and provide an extremely high tolerance towards upstream upsets.
SiC Filter Rack – Innovative Modular Technology
    The high flux SiC Filter Rack, made up of Silicon Carbide membranes, is designed for submerged outside-in-filtration applications and provides an extremely high flexibility towards challenging upstream feeds.
    This technology is intended for reducing high concentration of suspended solids, bacteria, oil and grease, micro-organisms and others, present in the effluent down to levels suitable for safe operation of downstream Reverse Osmosis (RO).

      Easy to assemble and modular, the SiC Filter Rack is a state-of-the-art technology providing all piping connections on the top module and air scouring integrated in the bottom module (no external piping needed). From 1 to 10 modules and up to 500 membranes, the SiC Filter Rack is able to face all situations.


      Key Features:

      • FLEXIBILITY: Compact and modular design, reduced footprint
      • HYDROPHILIC MATERIAL: High flux, low-pressure operation
      • PHYSICAL RESISTANCE: Durable and robust material, stable performance over time
      • COMPLEX FEED TREATMENT: Challenging water filtration, dissolved compounds catched
      • REDUCED FOULING: Negative charged particles repelled
      • CHEMICAL INERTNESS: Resistant to solvents and oxidiziers, pH range 1 to 12
      • MAINTENANCE-FRIENDLY: Ease of assembly, disassembly and repair

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