Ovivo offers a newly innovated on-line UREA analyzer. Like no other product available on the market the Ovivo analyzer offers continuous and accurate UREA measurements with its up to four sampling channels. The analyzer can be applied to any process water stream where UREA concentration is of interest. The permanent monitoring allows capturing seasonal UREA variations and adapting treatment process steps to maximize its removal. Ovivo has experience with efficient UREA treatment systems which can be designed regarding specific case and needs of a customer

The working principle of the OVIVO Online Urea Analyzer is based on a chromatographic separation by combination (coupling) of three specific properties of urea.

  1. The non-ionic nature of urea:
    This is quite unique, as N-compounds are generally ionic, either anionic (e.g. nitrate) or cationic (e.g. amines). Thus, urea will have shorter retention time, if separated on a cation exchange liquid chromatographic column in respect to cationic compounds, or longer retention times in respect to an anionic exchange chromatographic column. Therefore, it is possible to isolate urea from other N-compounds by liquid chromatographic methods.
  2. The oxidation behavior of urea:
    After exposition to short wave UV-light, urea will first undergo a disproportionation reaction, the breakdown to carbon dioxide and ammonium. If UV-wavelength and intensity is sufficient then ammonium will rapidly be oxidized to nitrite and then nitrate. Other organic compounds will be converted to carbon dioxide, organic N-compounds will be converted to carbon dioxide and nitrate. Heterocyclic compounds will also produce elemental nitrogen if nitrogen is present in a vicinal fashion.
  3. The high molar extinction coefficient of nitrate at wavelengths < 230 nm:
    Due to this, nitrate can be detected and quantified at very low concentrations by spectrometric methods. Other salts found in natural or technical waters do not have this property; nitrate is almost (except e.g. bromine and iodine) the only species that is detected at short wave UV.



  • Automatic sampling after analysis finished
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Low consumption of chemicals
  • Minimal maintenance needs
  • Wide range of urea concentration


SOFTWARE Features:

  • Automatic sampling after analysis finished
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Low consumption of chemicals




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