Repairs & Rebuilds

Restore existing equipment to like-new OEM condition.

Did you know Ovivo can refurbish your water and wastewater equipment in a turn-key fashion? By coordinating on-site delivery of refurbished equipment, demolition of existing and/or installation of new components and commissioning services, we can make your project a single point-of-contact proposition with factory-approved installation labor and start-up services. Furthermore, Ovivo provides an extended warranty to cover an additional year for both the equipment and labor. It’s a win-win situation!


Our brands 200 years serving the industry

Why turn to Ovivo for Repairs & Rebuilds?

  • Ensure proper fit and performance with existing equipment
  • The job is always done right, and on time
  • Extend equipment life and performance
  • Upgrade equipment to gain the benefits of the latest technology
  • Retain value you already have invested in your equipment

Equipment We Support:

  • Carrousel® Aerators
  • Clarifier drives and clarifier components
  • Drum screens
  • Drum vacuum filters
  • Gearboxes (Flender)
  • Hydro-treators
  • MBRs
  • Rotary distributors
  • Screens
  • Sludge mixers
  • SVG filters
  • Thickeners
  • Traveling bridge/Hood filters
  • And many more.