Ovivo UK is the preferred bidder for the CW Intake at Hinkley Point C

Colchester, UK — September 2015 — Ovivo announced today that they have been awarded the preferred bidder status by Électricité De France (EDF) to provide the complete Cooling Water Intake screening system, through its heritage brand Brackett Green, for the proposed new 3,200 MWe Hinkley Point C Nuclear plant to be built in Somerset, West of London. This is the first Nuclear Plant project approved in the UK since 1987, making this project very high profile.

Ovivo would be supplying, when the project gets the final approval, a complete Cooling Water intake comprising of; four (4) Drumscreens, four (4) Frameless Dual Flow Band Screens, twenty (20) Trash Rack Screens, twenty (20) Raking Screens and twelve (12) On-Line Debris Filters, plus all the auxiliary components.  Once installed the Drumscreens will be the largest screens of their type in the world, with a diameter of 27m (88.6 ft.) by a width of 6.84m (22.5 ft.), approximately 30% larger  than previously supplied by Ovivo.

Ovivo began working on Hinkley Point C in 2008, with a preliminary design order for the Drumscreens placed in 2009. In April 2014 NNB Generation Company, a subsidiary of EDF, placed an ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) contract with Ovivo to carry out some of the initial load calculations for the pump house civil work structure.

The equipment will be mainly manufactured at various approved facilities within the UK with the design focused at our Colchester office and support from other resources within the Ovivo group.


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