Ovivo® releases new video highlighting EloVac-P® system

Last week Ovivo released their latest YouTube video highlighting the EloVac-P®. The EloVac-P® is compact system that prevents scaling and improves dewatering up to 5%. Sludge is provided 24/7 to the reactor tank and is then extracted in order to raise the pH in the reactor tank.

EloVac-P® is an energy-positive operation by generating biogas while avoiding diffused emissions from the methane and carbon dioxide. The system combines degassing and phosphorous precipitation, resulting in disposal cost savings up to 20%. It also has a very unique feature: protection from downstream pipe and dewatering equipment scaling. Crystals are prevented from attaching to the pipes due to an electromagnetic field, allowing for continuous discharge and better performance.

For more information on the EloVac-P®, watch Ovivo’s latest video and also visit ovivowater.com. Check back on our blog often for more previews of our brand new videos and additional Ovivo-related information!

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