Ovivo exhibited at POWER-GEN International 2017, the World’s Largest Power Generation Event, in Las Vegas, Nevada from December 5-7. Visitors to Ovivo’s booth were able to learn about our latest innovations, explore products in-depth using our interactive Product Explorer tool, and talk in person with our energy group experts.


With nearly 200,000 power generation professionals from around the world meeting to discuss the most innovative solutions in power generation, POWER-GEN also provides a great opportunity for Ovivo’s energy group to convene with our sales force. This year, Ovivo experts hosted a half-day sales training workshop for our sales reps, which was very well attended.


Ovivo is a world leader solution provider for high quality biological, chemical, and physical water treatment equipment. Ovivo’s world-renowned products and knowledgeable experts provide solutions for all your water requirements – from raw water (raking machine, screening, filtration, ATCS, debris filters) to boiler feed water (MMF, UF, NF, RO, IX, EDI, Condensate Polishers) to waste water (clarifiers, DAF, bio, dewatering).


Our Brands: Brackett Green, Eimco, Water Intake, Bosker, Band Screens, 316(b), Boiler Feedwater, Wastewater, FGD, MMF, RO, UF, NF, IX, EDI, Condensate Polisher, Clarifier, DAF, Ball Cleaning, Debris Filter

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