Ovivo launches weekly informative newsletter

Here at Ovivo, water is our passion. We are worldwide experts in water treatment and are full of knowledge about what it takes to create, install, and operate the most efficient and effective water treatment technology. We feel that the knowledge we possess can help others, so we have decided to create our brand new newsletter called The Ovivo Water Weekly.

The Ovivo Water Weekly releases each Friday with a new issue that compiles different water treatment industry news stories from each specific week. The newsletter also contains our latest blog posts, social media posts, and YouTube videos so you don’t miss out on any of our newest content. The latest water treatment news from the most important voices in the industry will also be included in each edition of the newsletter.

If you would like to subscribe to The Ovivo Water Weekly, click this link and enter your email under the “subscribe” button on the newsletter webpage. You can also spread the word about our newsletter by sharing this post on social media with others who are equally passionate about water and water treatment.

We look forward to spreading our knowledge of the industry that we are so passionate about!

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