Ovivo and the Fresh Water Maker

What is a Fresh Water Maker? It is for the production of fresh drinking or utility water on offshore platforms, FPSO’s and FSO’s, usually in harsh environments and built to very high specifications.

They are considered as a life support system with potential for demobilisation of crew on failure. If the Fresh Water Maker (FWM) fails then potable water needs to be bunkered in by boat which is dependent on weather conditions. The harsher the Environment such as the North Sea or the Arctic, the more reliable the FWM needs to be. It is also referred to as the Potable Water maker or the Freshwater Generator.

Early Fresh Water Makers or Desalination units were based on evaporation to separate the water from the salt and were first introduced on war ships or large cruise liners. Most modern systems are now based on Reverse Osmosis technology with downstream remineralisation and UV disinfection systems to insure high quality potable water

How Ovivo became involved with the Offshore industry?

Fresh Water Maker for the North Sea (NORSOK standard)

Fresh Water Maker for the North Sea (NORSOK standard)

Ovivo is a global solution provider 100% dedicated to water and wastewater treatment. Over the course of its 40 years of existence the company, now known as Ovivo, has acquired several well-known companies. Some of these legacy companies representing more than 100 years of history; include Eimco, Brackett Green, Christ Water Technologies, Kennicott and Caird & Rayner Clark (“CRC”).

CRC installed equipment  goes back to the early years of the offshore exploration and Ovivo continued involvement in that industry was a perfect fit, our recent involvement in some of the latest major projects in the North Sea, Asia, and Middle East speaks for itself.

What is the evolution of the Fresh Water

Through our heritage brand Caird & Rayner Clark, Ovivo has over 100 year experience in providing quality fresh water solutions. From early evaporative units on steam ships and naval vessels through to modern custom engineered plants for the highest of offshore specifications, including NORSOK. The experience and lessons learned from decades of working offshore have been distilled into this range of superior offshore standard Fresh Water Makers to give operators the reliability, strength and simple maintenance they demand.

What’s so unique about the new Ovivo® FWM series

Ovivo FWMOvivo FWM

Fresh water makers are life support systems on oil platforms, FPSO’s and FSO’s and need to be extremely reliable, robust with a minimum of operator intervention and maintenance. Ovivo offers a fresh water maker built around normal offshore engineering standards and materials of construction built to a standard compact and modularized design. This allows for flexible layout arrangements and easy access into tight machinery spaces for retrofits and upgrades. The Ovivo® FWM series has plug and play technology allowing inter-skid piping and cabling to be coupled quickly if skid modules delivered separately. Fresh Water Quality meets all main International and WHO standards for potable water. Our class leading warranty comes standard, backed by our full 24 hour, 7 days per week customer support center.

This new design offers a pre-engineered, standardized, reliable and robust system that can be delivered in a fraction of the time required to build a typical highly specified North Sea application for example. Our approach with Ovivo FWM Series is to fill the gap between the custom engineered systems to the highest offshore standards for the top tier operators and the Commercial marine grade plants.

FWM Layout Options

For additional information contact Ovivo via email at Ovivo.energy@ovivowater.com, by phone at +1-801-931-3113 or by visiting www.ovivowater.com/industry/energy/oil-and-gas

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