Lexington, Kentucky

Rapid Sludge Removal Clarifiers Project

In June 2012, the Lexington-Fayette County Government (City of Lexington, Kentucky) issued a Purchase Order to replace (14) of their (16) secondary clarifiers with the Ovivo Rapid Sludge Removal Clarifier design. The existing clarifiers wee the bent tube hydraulic differential design.  The Clarifiers were hot dipped galvanized carbon steel mechanisms and features the patented ScumTrappR®, SludgeViewR® and Jackbolt Drive®.  As of July, 2014, all (14) were fabricated and shipped to the site and (11) have been installed.  Pace Contracting, LLC in Jeffersonville, Indiana is doing all the site work.  The project was soldy by Jerry Ristau with Sullivan Environmental Technologies (SET).  SET is the Ovivo USA, LLC sales representative in Kentucky, S. Ohio and Indiana.

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