Municipal Drinking Water

Water for public supply can be obtained from underground sources (for example, wells sunk into aquifers), or from surface sources such as purpose-built reservoirs (collecting rainwater run-off or water from streams), lakes or rivers. The quality of the water is of utmost concern for its safe consumption - the primary aim in water treatment is the elimination of any pathogenic microorganisms present. Ovivo provides a complete flow sheet for the treatment of raw water to potable water.

Product Groups

Sedimentation has been the mainstay process for solid-liquid separation in the wastewater industry since its inception.

Coarse screen systems are designed for a variety of applications. Various bar screen configurations and cleaning mechanims are available.

Ovivo drum screens are suitable for a variety of applications from raw sewage to ultra fine screening of water and wastewater membrane treatment systems.

Fish guidance systems radically reduce the amount of fish caught in water intakes, improving plant efficiency and minimizing the environmenatl impact of plants.

Flocculation is the process of creating conditions for particulates to come together to form flocs of solids and then settle.

Gravity filtration is a physical process for the separation of solids from liquids, separating particles in the feed from the resulting filtrate.

Inclined plate settlers are clarification devices that use lamella plates to densify the capacity of conventional clarifiers into a compact footprint.

The initial stage of raw water and wastewater treatment is the removal of solids. Ovivo offers a variety of inlet screens.

Media Filtration is a well proven, reliable technology used for the removal of finer suspended solids.

Coagulation/Flocculation is the process of creating conditions for particulates to come together to form flocs of solids and then settle in treated water.

Ovivo offers ion-exchange nitrate removal solutions for the potable water industry which are highly efficient, high rate and generate low waste.

Ovivo solids contact clarifiers combine mixing, flocculation, coagulation, settling and clarification into a single clarification/sedimentation unit.

During production of drinking water a solid-liquid mixture containing very high water content is generated. Mechanical equipment is relied upon for dewatering.