Gravity Filtration

Gravity filtration is a physical process for the separation of solids from liquids. Used for filtering potable water or treated wastewater effluent in tertiary treatment applications, the underdrain is the heart of every gravity filter. If the underdrain is well designed, durable and efficient, the filter will provide many years of continuous service. Ovivo's systems are designed to provide ease of operation, long filter runs, and reduced backwash water volume requirements.
Flexkleen® Nozzles
The FlexKleen® nozzles incorporate hydraulic characteristics and structural features developed from Ovivo's experience of designing filter underdrain nozzles.
Flexscour® Underdrain
Ovivo's FlexScour® underdrain provides a compact, durable, corrosion-resistant and economical system for collecting and filtering effluent.
Ovivo® QuadraKleen™ Filter
The Ovivo® QuadraKleenTM filter is a modular, four-cell granular media filter that delivers economical, continuous filtration in a variety of water treatment flow sheets. Each module consists of four filter cells clustered around common influent, effluent and backwash channels. This allows individual cells to be backwashed using water produced by one of the other three cells, eliminating the need for backwash water storage and minimizing filtration rate during backwash.