Inlet Screen

Improperly screened material can damage equipment downstream, resulting in costly and unecessary shutdowns. With the highest screening capture ratios in the industry and total containment of all screenings and debris larger than the screen aperture, Ovivo's inlet screens add value to overall plant performance and efficiency.
Brackett Green® CF100® Band Screen
Screening is essential to many industries. Brackett Green® CF100® band screens offer the highest screening efficiency due to our patented technology, which eliminates hair pinning, with zero carry over. The free-standing unit uses a single motor, reducing power consumption and is easy to install. Where screening to 2mm, 3mm or 5mm and flow requirements is from 50 to 1,500 L/s, CF100 band screens are your first choice in screening. We support channel widths between 0.70m and 2.50m.
Brackett Green® CF200® Band Screen
Brackett Green® CF200® band screens offer the highest screening efficiency due to our patented technology, which eliminates hair pinning. The central flow pattern is most effective in removing suspended solids from wastewater and removes the problem of "carryover" found in other types of screens. Screenings are retained on the inside of the panels and are discharged by low pressure water jets. Our advanced design makes Brackett Green® band screens an ideal solution for any screening application.
Brackett Green® Double Entry Drum Screens
The Brackett Green® double entry drum screen eliminates screen bypassing and can handle high volumes of raw water, using fewer intake channels.
Brackett Green® Single Entry Drum Screen
By incorporating both gravity and pumped flow designs, single entry drum screens are ideal for applications that demand high levels of screening performance.
J+A Hi-Flow™ Screen
The highly efficient configurations of the J+A Hi-Flow™screen, which include an 81% capture rate with no carryover, exceeds all other screens on the market.
J+A Lo-Flow™ Screen
For screening applications in smaller works with flow ranges up to 120 l/sec, the J+A Lo-Flow™ screen, with multiple functions in one screen, is an ideal unit.
OVIVO® Duet™ Screen
In order to achieve the benefit of two-stage fine screening with one screen, Ovivo offers the small footprint, dual aperture Ovivo® Duet™ screen.