Six finalists announced for 2019 AquaHacking Challenge

The finalists for the Ovivo®-supported 2019 AquaHacking Challenge have been announced. Due to a tie, six teams were selected for this year’s finale event compared to previous years where five teams were selected. The finale event will take place on September 27th at the Grand Quai pavilion in Montreal, Canada and will feature the six teams showing off their polished water solutions.

The six finalist teams were chosen at the semi-finals event, held at Artscape Daniels Launchpad in Toronto, Canada. Each team spent one-on-one time with water technology industry experts and the jury of the competition. The final six teams and their solutions are as follows (information from

  1. The Green Stop (Montreal, QC; Toronto, ON): Sustainably designed water dispensing stations that are smart, fast and encourage use of refillable water bottles.
  2. Bello Water (Montreal, QC): Reinventing the distribution of drinking water, this team is supplying sustainable alternatives to plastic water bottles through a simple tech solution with app.
  3. Droplets (Oshawa, ON; Montreal, QC): This team from Montreal developed an innovative AI solution from IBM Watson that increases public trust in municipal drinking water.
  4. Clean Nature (Quebec City, QC; Victoria, BC): Clean Nature’s solution focuses on preventing excessive road salt through an adapted artificial intelligence model (AIM) based on real-time weather conditions.
  5. Chimie UdeS (Montreal, QC; Sherbrooke, QC): To combat microplastics, this team developed an additional lint filter to capture microfibers after the stock air filter on clothes dryers.
  6. Salt-Ed (Montreal, QC): Easy-to-implement equipment for sanding roads that’s inexpensive and does not require testing on a large scale.

This year’s competition is meant to tackle issues surrounding the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Watershed basin. The three main themes are climate change and community resilience, drinking water, and waste/contaminants in water. Competing teams were required to choose between these issues and work on solutions to them with the help of experts from professional organizations that work on these issues as well.

Following the semi-finals, the six finalists were treated to an all-expenses paid expedition to Elbow Lake in Ontario, Canada on the weekend of July 12th. All six of the final teams were also awarded an additional $2,000 to continue working on their water solution before the finale event in late September. Depending on their placement in the finale event, teams can earn up to $25,000 to continue developing and marketing their water solution.

Check back on our blog as the finale event draws closer for more information!

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