J+A Lo-Flow™ Screen

For screening applications in smaller works with flow ranges up to 120 l/sec, the J+A Lo-Flow™ screen is an ideal unit. In addition to having the same capture rate (81%) of our J+A Hi-Flow™ screen, a variety of screen sizes and screen panel apertures ranging from 2-6mm are available. Various built-in options can be installed on the unit to eliminate the need for secondary equipment and provide in-flow screenings, washing and compacting functions in one machine.
  • From basic fine screening to full screenings with washing and dewatering
  • Fine perforated screen in 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6mm perforation diameters
  • Requires channel / chamber width of just 600mm
  • Double-sided screening area results in minimal headloss

Ovivo’s J+A Lo-Flow™ screen is a complete screening system designed for smaller works where flows range between 0 and 120 liters per second. The J+A Lo-Flow screen is the ‘mini’ version of the Hi-Flow™ screen. These screens have undergone UKWIR screenings capture trails and have been shown to have exceptionally high capture rates: 81% for 6mm apertures and 92% for 3mm apertures.

The J+A Lo-Flow screen offers in-flow / in-channel screenings washing and on-board screw compaction as additions to the basic screening capability.

  • Compact, highly efficient units for small screening applications
  • Different product options to suit your application
  • Designed for small works
  • High efficiency, total capture – 81.2% in UKWIR tests for 6mm


J+A Lo Flow Screen

J+A Lo Flow Screen

S-Type J+A Lo-Flow Screen – The basic ‘mini’ screen. Adding a J+A Washpactor-Jet™ or Washpactor-Wave™ system is recommended for screenings washing and further processing.

SD-Type J+A Lo-Flow Screen – The S-Type screen with a built-in screw compactor. Solids collected by the screen are deposited within the hopper of the internally mounted screw compactor, then conveyed and compacted by the action of the screw, and once dewatered, they are collected for disposal.

SW-Type J+A Lo-Flow Screen – The S-Type screen with an in-flow, in-channel screenings washing system. External compaction and / or dewatering can also be added. A high speed impeller is built into the back wall of the screen. This will operate beneath the water level within the screen. The impeller washes the solids so that fecal and other soft materials are eradicated, leaving only the more resilient coarse rag materials to be removed by screening. Liquefying the organic matter retains biological loading in the effluent, leaving only clean screenings for disposal.

SWD-Type J+A Lo-Flow Screen – The full J+A Lo-Flow screen package, complete with in-flow screenings washing and screw compactor for dewatering.

What is the difference between the Hi-Flow™ and Lo-Flow™ screens?

Lo-Flow is a complete screening system designed specifically for the smaller works where flow rates will fall into the range of zero to 120 l/sec. The basic screening function is the ‘mini’ version from the Hi- Flow screen range.

How well do the Lo-Flow screens perform given their small size?

These screens have undergone screenings capture trials operated by UKWIR and have been shown to have exceptionally high capture values, i.e. 81.2% for 6mm apertures and improvement to 92% when the apertures are 3mm. The same measuring criteria were used for both screening conditions.

What does Lo-Flow ‘S’ mean?

Lo-Flow ‘S’ is the basic ‘mini’ Hi-Flow screen for simple, efficient fine screening. Adding a Washpactor is the recommendation for further processing.

What does Lo-Flow ‘SD’ mean?

Lo-Flow ‘SD’ is the ‘mini’ Hi-Flow screen with a built-in screw compactor. Dewatered screenings are collected for disposal.

What does Lo-Flow ‘SW’ mean?

Lo-Flow ‘SW’ is the addition of the newly developed in-flow and in-channel screenings washing method. External compaction and/ or dewatering can be added.

What does Lo-Flow ‘SWD’ mean?

Lo-Flow ‘SWD’ is the full package of ‘mini’ Hi-Flow screen, complete with the in-flow screenings wash system and the screw compactor for dewatered end product.

What are the advantages of the Lo-Flow screen?

This compact, packaged product provides fine, efficient screening, screenings washing and solids compaction all in one, small footprint device.

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