Brackett Green® CF100® Band Screen

Screening is essential to many industries. Brackett Green® CF100® band screens offer the highest screening efficiency due to our patented technology, which eliminates hair-pinning, with zero carryover. The free-standing unit uses a single motor, reducing power consumption and it's easy to install. Where screening to 2mm, 3mm or 5mm and flow requirements is from 1 to 35 MGD, CF100® band screens are your first choice in screening. We support channel widths between 2ft (0.70m) and 8ft (2.50m).* * Most channel depths can be accommodated.
  • Ovivo’s proprietary sizing technology and program software ensure proper sizing of screens for control of critical entrance, and screen and exit flow velocities, while maintaining acceptable headlosses and plant hydraulics.
  • Proprietary contact seals ensure that nothing larger than the mesh aperture size bypasses the screen.
  • Patented screening panels (ProPaPanel®) eliminate the need for brush gear.
  • High performance two-dimensional screening.
  • Supplied as a free standing single unit for ease of installation.

All screens are high quality, stainless steel, rigid frame constructions with anti-friction bearings and low pressure jet cleaning, which prevents blinding and the need for brushing or manual cleaning, thus allowing for a higher debris-carrying capacity than other designs. Anti-static components are available on request.

  • With screen capture ratios ranging from 80%-93%, the Brackett Green® center flow (CF) band screens provide the highest screenings capture ratio in the industry today.
  • Increased capture ratios translate into reduced maintenance costs and downtime, thereby increasing the efficiency of the treatment plant.
  • The patented mesh panels eliminate hair pinning or stapling of hair and fibrous solids by incorporating tapered holes, which minimize potential plugging from wedged debris and kitchen grease. Screen panels of steel or other metallic mesh increase the risk of hair pinning and require brush cleaners, greater wash water pressures, water volume and increased service and maintenance.
  • Pre-packaged units reduce installation costs.
  • Robust design and corrosion esistant materials extend machine life, providing decades of service.

Our fully automatic operation requires minimal operator attention, greatly reducing operating costs. CF100® band screen structures are fabricated in stainless steel, keeping civil works requirements to a minimum. The zero carryover seals have been independently proven to remove up to 90% of debris. Modular molded mesh panels can be replaced individually, so that only worn panels require replacing, thereby reducing downtime and related maintenance costs. Single motor design reduces running, ancillary and electrical costs.

The Brackett Green® CF100® band screens frequently replace straight-thru screens, step screens, raking screens and other less efficient screens on inlet works, outfall sites and storm installations.

Screen sizing is based on the following key design information:

  • Flow rate per screen
  • Screen channel depth
  • Screen channel width
  • Maximum upstream or downstream fixed water level
  • Screen panel aperture size required (2mm, 3mm or 5mm diameter)
  • Discharge height above deck level


Two models are available to treat flows based on the design criteria provided. The CF100/300 and CF100/600.


The CF100/300 band screen was introduced in 2001 and is the smallest model CF screen available. It is capable of treating flows as low as 50 l/sec, up to a maximum of 500 l/sec, requiring minimum channel depths from 0.70m up to 2.70m, with a maximum immersion level of 1.50m. A minimum inlet channel width of 0.53m is essential to guarantee sufficient inlet flow velocities. The minimum screen chamber width required is 0.70m.

The CF100/300 band screens are available in 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and 750mm effective widths to assist with the reduction in the headloss and velocity through the screen.


The CF100/600 band screen was introduced in 2003. It is capable of treating maximum flows of 1,500 l/sec, which require channel depths ranging from 1.00m to 9.70m, with a maximum immersion level of 3.50m. A minimum inlet channel width of 0.94m is essential to guarantee sufficient inlet flow velocities. The minimum screen chamber width required is 1.20m.

The CF100/600 band screen is available in 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1,050mm and 1,200mm effective widths to assist with the reduction in the headloss and velocity through the screen.

The Brackett Green® CF100® band screens utilize a center flow pattern. Research and testing have proven that the center flow pattern (where water enters the center of the screen, then flows outwards through the two sides of the moving band of patented screen panels that run parallel to the flow before discharging it to the outside of the screen and sending it downstream) is the most efficient engineering design today, effectively reducing, eliminating and controlling both carryover and bypassing of screenings at the inlet works of a sewage treatment plant.

The Brackett Green® CF100® band screen has a standard design option of two front opening sizes along with screening panel widths in increments of 150mm. Debris is elevated by means of an endless band of screening panels contained within a vertical self-supporting frame. The water being screened will pass through an opening in the front of the screen to the inside, and then through the panels to the outside of the screen. As the band rotates, the debris collected on the inside is lifted above deck level.

The screen panels will be washed by a series of jets mounted on a jet pipe inside the screen head. The jets will be attached to the jet pipe by quick release connections for ease of cleaning. The jet pipe will be fitted with a pressure gauge and a pressure switch to detect low washwater pressure. A removable end cap is provided on the jet pipe for flushing purposes. The washwater and debris is discharged from the screen via a launder channel. Located in the hopper is a flushing pipe assembly, which aids in screenings removal. The flushing pipe is used in conjunction with the screen jet pipe and is operated manually with a diaphragm valve. The head section has removable access panels and a splashguard designed to keep aerosol from the spray jets at a minimum.

Ladder bars and mesh panels, supported by two sprockets above the deck, carry the screening band. A shaft-mounted gear unit is directly keyed to the head shaft, and coupled with a flange-mounted electric motor that drives the screen. The motor comes with an anti-condensation heater. The chain assembly runs in replaceable plastic guide sections, located in a self-supporting fabricated frame. To prevent solids bypassing the CF100 band screen, a neoprene contact seal is utilized on all machines. The screen is shipped fully assembled, ready for immediate installation. All routine maintenance is at deck level, and there are no permanently submerged bearings.

Screen Type: CF100/300

  • Effective Screening Widths: 300mm/450mm/600mm/750mm
  • Inlet Opening Width: 300mm
  • Design Differential: 1.00m Operating, 1.50m Static
  • Screen Panel Opening Diameter 2mm/3mm/5mm
  • Washwater Quality Required: Pre-screened to 0.50mm
  • Washwater Pressure at Jet pipe: 2.0 bar
  • Screen Nominal Speed: 6.44m/min

Screen Type: CF100/600

  • Effective Screening Widths: 300mm/450mm/600mm/750mm/900mm/1050mm/1200mm
  • Inlet Opening Width: 600mm
  • Design Differential: 1.00m Operating, 1.50m Static
  • Screen Panel Opening Diameter: 3mm/5mm
  • Washwater Quality Required: Pre-screened to 0.50mm
  • Washwater Pressure at Jet pipe: 2.0 bar
  • Screen Nominal Speed: 8.00m/min

Materials of Construction

  • Frame & Main Materials: Stainless Steel Grade 304/316
  • Screen Band Guide Tracks: UHMW-PE
  • Head Shaft: Carbon Steel
  • Bearing Housings: Cast Iron
  • Sprockets: UHMW-PE
  • Mesh panels: Polypropylene
  • Screening Band Rollers: Cetrodal LF, Omnithane
  • Screening Band Seal Fins: Polypropylene
  • Screening Band Seals: NeopreneJet pipe: Stainless Steel Grade 304/316
  • Washwater Jets: Polypropylene
  • Fixings: Stainless Steel Grade A4

Can the CF100® be retrofitted into an existing channel?

Yes, providing that the hydraulic profile works.


What information is required in order to quote?

  • Channel Width
  • Channel Depth
  • Immersion Depth at Maximum Flow
  • Maximum Flow Rate
  • Aperture Size
  • Maximum Headloss
  • Discharge Height above Coping
  • Material of Construction


Can you provide screenings transfer and screenings handling units?

We offer a launder transfer system and screenings handling. Please look at our Washpactor Jet and Washpactor Wave units for more information.


Can you provide mesh panels in stainless steel?

Not with this range of screen. If stainless steel panels are required, we would provide the J&A Hiflow Screen.


What quality of washwater would you recommend?

We would recommend pre-screened to 0.5mm or better. Pressure should be a minimum of 2 bar.


What is the difference between CF100 and CF200?

They operate on the same principle, but the CF200 has a larger capacity and a different panel design.

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