Carrousel® ProSetTM Clarifier

Carrousel® systems set the stage for achieving tight effluent limits. Combining the Carrousel® system with the Carrousel® ProSet™ clarifier with its rapid sludge withdrawal capabilities allows for removal of nutrients while quickly minimizing sludge denitrification (releasing phosphorus in the sludge blanket). Owners and engineers appreciate the innovative scum capture, visual access to RAS, and the ability to work on the clarifier drive without dewatering the basin and efficient flocculation.
  • Efficient flocculation within the EDI distribution well
  • Rapidly withdraws sludge, providing enhanced biological phosphorus removal
  • The SludgeViewR® system allows operators to view the collected RAS
  • 95% of scum removal occurs in the EDI, making this the most effective scum removal system on the market
  • Drive design allows removal and replacement without draining the basin or removing the access bridge

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  • No need to dewater the tank for drive maintenance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs
  • Easy to spot and remove any clogs in sludge tubes quickly
  • Cleaner surface with the ScumTrappR™ scum control system
  • Easy replacement of the drive with the Jackbolt™ system
  • Equaflo 360™ EDI distribution well increases clarifier efficiency

Equaflo 360™ EDI Distribution Well

This energy dissipating inlet (EDI) distribution well differs substantially from conventional practice by using the entire EDI circumference to discharge flow instead of just a few openings in the EDI shell. The resulting quiescent flow provides a uniform velocity profile and promotes flocculation within the distribution well. Another advantage of the Equaflo 360™ design is that distribution well depths can be minimized, which helps avoid scouring of the sludge blanket as flow goes beneath the lower edge of the distribution well.

Enviroquip® ScumTrappR® Scum Control System

Conventional scum removal relies on capturing scum at the tank periphery, maximizing the potential TSS (total suspended solids) due to scum being carried over the effluent weir. The Enviroquip® ScumTrappR® design captures 95% of the scum as it enters the tank, thereby eliminating the need to capture scum at the tank perimeter and minimizing the potential for scum to negatively impact effluent TSS.

Enviroquip® Jackbolt™ Clarifier Drive

The Enviroquip® Jackbolt™ clarifier drive is the ONLY clarifier drive that allows replacement of drive components without dewatering the clarifier tank. The Jackbolt design allows a plant operator to replace major drive components from the center platform using a simple 1-ton engine hoist, without removing any water from the basin – the clarifier does not need to be drained or taken out of service. The drive also utilizes a precision bearing design and a cast iron housing for maximum bearing life and superior corrosion resistance.

Is the scum pump accessible from the drive platform?

Yes, there is a flexible hose immediately below the checkered plate that is used to raise the pump up to bridge level.

Can the RAS return rate be variable?

Yes, the sludge removal rate can be varied up to 150% without diminishing clarifier performance.

Does the access bridge have to be removed to replace the spur gear drive?

No, the access bridge remains in place and the clarifier can stay in operation during spur gear drive replacement.

How long does it take to replace the drive? Do I need a large crane?

The spur gear replacement takes 8 hours and can be performed with a 1-ton engine hoist.

Is there a way to remove scum if it is not removed in the distribution well?

Yes, the sludge troughs have some small scum ports at the water surface with adjustable weirs to remove floating scum on the clarifier basin water surface. This scum is returned to the process basin with the RAS.

Can this scum removal system handle a large scum issue?

Yes, the scum system can remove large volumes of scum and remove it to the digester or sludge holding basin. I think you will agree it is the best scum removal system you have ever seen.

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