Ovivo’s membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems have the best technology available and can meet the most stringent effluent nutrient limits in wastewater treatment and reuse applications. Ovivo will work with plant owners, operators and consultants in a variety of industries to apply our customized MBR technology to each unique wastewater treatment problem. With over three decades of MBR system experience, Ovivo has become the proven leader in MBR technology.
  • Greatest simplicity, reliability, effluent quality and space efficiency
  • Suitable for casinos, resorts, shopping malls, schools, housing developments and the dairy, beef and poultry industries
  • Single source responsibility
  • Extensive portfolio of components allows the equipment to be used in a variety of process stages – from headworks through disinfection applications
  • Unrivaled system innovation

Ovivo provides tailored membrane bioreactor equipment packages for new installations or fully integrated solutions for existing plants that treat wastewater, stormflow and biosolids. Extremely versatile, the MBR system can be part of a retrofit, expansion or upgrade for reuse, scalping and RO pretreatment applications. Our experienced and reliable MBR parts and services division provides support to current clients and to those converting from competing membrane bioreactor technologies. Additionally, Ovivo offers a ready-to-operate, rapidly deployable (packaged) MBR system called the microBLOX™ – a plug and play unit that is ideal for remote locations, and can handle varying flows and loads with the same efficiency and performance standards as our regular MBR system.


  • Most MBR system experience on the market, with an extensive portfolio
  • Best project delivery time – from submittal to installation
  • Comprehensive technical and warranty support
  • Lowest total cost of ownership and proven cost control strategies
  • A leader in the membrane technologies offering unrivaled innovation

Starting with a range of headworks options and ending with membrane-based solids management, each Ovivo® MBR can be an integrated, total solution to a wastewater treatment problem or reuse opportunity. Some of the advantages of Ovivo® MBR can include:

  1. Single or two stage processes to meet even the most stringent nutrient limits
  2. BulletProof™ membrane technologies resistant to damaging debris
  3. Field optimized screening solutions and grit removal options
  4. Aersotrip® fine bubble diffusers
  5. Membrane thickening and digestions of waste solids
  6. Offline stormflow management (stormBLOX™)
  7. The Ovivo® Connect asset management tool
  8. Tailored service packages for comprehensive remote and onsite support
  9. Membrane insurance and lifetime guarantees
  10. Cloud-connected device for easy data management


Anatomy of an MBR System

A membrane bioreactor (MBR), also called the MBR Zone, can best be described as one part of a biological process where small microbes degrade pollutants before being filtered through a collection of submerged membranes. The membranes are housed in cassettes or modules that are then installed in an MBR tank. Air is introduced via integrated diffusers that scour the membrane surfaces during filtration and then mixes the tank contents while providing oxygen to enhance the biological process.

An MBR system is a complete and integrated set of components that allows the biological process to function. Assuming that the same reuse quality effluent and similar solids management goals are desired, an Ovivo® MBR system can be 50% less complicated to maintain and operate than a comparable conventional wastewater treatment plant, and requires less than 25% of the footprint (land area). These are just a few of the reasons that it costs less to build and own an MBR System than conventional alternatives.

Is MBR technology considered the best available treatment?
Yes. Properly designed MBR systems meet the most stringent reuse standards and the most demanding nutrient limits (TN < 3 mg/l, TP < 0.03 mg/l).
Where is MBR a good fit?
Originally conceived of as a niche technology primarily for small footprint or high effluent quality applications, MBR solutions are now being applied to a range of wastewater treatment problems ranging in size from 1,500 GPD to 42 MGD.
Does it cost more or less to build an MBR plant as compared to say an SBR, a ditch or a conventional activated sludge plant?
Of the 41 Ovivo®MBRs larger than 0.5 MGD surveyed, the average total installed cost was less than $9/gal, with 49% of the units having a cost less than $8/gal to build. MBR now routinely out performs conventional technologies even with less stringent effluent requirements and in the case where footprint is not a driver.
Does it cost more to operate an MBR plant as compared to an SBR, a ditch or conventional activated sludge plant?
Based on an in-depth comparison of total annual operating costs over several years, an MBR can cost about the same to operate as an SBR, while producing significantly higher quality effluent. This comparison is further substantiated by other similar studies of MBR systems. References are available upon request.
How long do membranes typically last?
In a recent survey of 165 plants commissioned between 2002 and 2013, 86% of the original membranes were still in service. 11% of membrane damage was attributed to debris/clogging/handling. 3% of damage was attributed to miscellaneous causes.
Are fine screens important and can Ovivo provide them with an MBR System?
Since 2002, based on U.S. Ovivo®MBR installations, 76% of membrane damage is caused by poor or inadequate screening. Headworks and fine screening in particular are the cornerstone of a good MBR plant. Ovivo offers several different types of screens depending site and project specific criteria.
Can an MBR plant really be operated remotely?
Yes. Most Ovivo®MBR Systems are fully automated and can be run remotely. Ovivo is also pioneering cloud-based controls for the most sophisticated, real-time data analysis available.
How many Ovivo®MBRs are there in the U.S.?
There are currently 220 Ovivo®MBR Systems operating in the U.S.
Can an old conventional WWTP be upgraded, expanded or retrofit with MBR technology?
Ovivo has developed mounting options, phasing plans and construction strategies to facilitate seamless conversion of conventional plants to MBRs.
What is the largest MBR WWTP in the world?
The Ovivo®MBR in Canton, OH is the largest MBR in the world currently under construction at 42 MGD.

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