Horizontal Paddle Flocculator®

The horizontal paddle Flocculator® is a device designed to gently mix chemically treated water for the purpose of forming flocs and improve settling in the sedimentation basins. The flocculation equipment consists of a drive unit (with a speed reduction feature to allow for adjustment of the paddle rotating speed), belts or chains with takeups or tensioners, cover guards, paddle shaft bearings and paddle shaft, and paddles mounted on the shaft arms.
Paddle Flocculator

Paddle Flocculator

  • Designed to accommodate the structural and process requirements of each installation
  • Flow direction can be parallel or perpendicular to the shaft axis
  • Gentle, low shear particle contact promotes floc development
  • Multiple paddle material options available
  • Dry well or above water level designs available
  • Multiple shafts can be run from a single drive
  • A variety of flocculator types available to provide a range of mixing action and velocity gradient options to suit needs of the plant
  • Various basin layouts are possible
  • Enhances performance of chemicals used in water treatment facilities
  • Two variable speed options available – mechanical variable speed drives suitable for smaller plants or variable speed drives commonly used in larger facilities


All Ovivo® horizontal paddle flocculators are designed to provide a specified level of mixing energy in a simple, reliable mechanical package. Our flocculators are installed in square or rectangular basins, which generate the longitudinal or traverse flows that promote floc development. Paddles near the surface rotate in the direction of the flow, causing a return undercurrent that allows the flocculated solids to mix with the chemically dosed raw water.

Each basin has a paddle wheel compartment, which may be separated by baffles if staging is required. Reinforced paddle assemblies (with material options that include FRP, PVC, steel, Redwood or Douglas Fir) mounted to heavy-duty steel shafts that extend through a watertight stuffing box mounted to the concrete wall of the wheel compartment are powered by a variable speed drive mechanism that is mounted on a common platform.

Design criteria is determined by the:

  • Number of basins
  • Number of stages per basin
  • Number of paddle wheel assemblies per stage
  • Number of drive units
  • Plan area of each stage
  • Side water depth

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