Corporate Values

Our renewed values are Ownership, Expertise, Innovation, Teamwork and Integrity.

These values are already shaping our everyday lives. They are and will continue to be part of our conversations, dealings with each other and actions.

  • I am fair and honest in what I do
  • I act with the highest ethical standards
  • I am trustworthy
  • I keep my skills up to date
  • I share information and knowledge
  • I ensure customers benefit from my expertise
  • I am creative and open to change
  • I actively support a climate of open thinking and improvement
  • I am not afraid of failure and I learn from it
  • I contribute to the achievement of the common goal
  • I treat others with respect
  • I offer help and accept help
  • People can count on me
  • I take responsibility for my actions
  • I do what needs to be done

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