Brackett Bosker® Automatic Raking Machine

A proven technology adapted to the modern world

Raking Machines have been around for more than 60 years, one of the technologies Ovivo is affiliated with was developed in the Netherlands by Bosker en Zonen B.V. The main application of the system back in those days was to keep the flow going at the pumping stations and obviously keep the Netherlands from flooding.

Since then, the technology has been introduced to many other industries where large amounts of raw water is required in their processes including; pumping stations,  hydroelectric, cooling water for Fossil Fuel and Nuclear power generation, petrochemical, refineries, municipal water and desalination treatment plants.

Ovivo is proud to be in partnership with Bosker & Zonen for more than 25 years through its legacy brand Brackett Green.

The automatic raking machine has continually evolved since its introduction in 1960, and its success has been reinforced by Ovivo’s extensive experience in mechanical water filtration.

Ovivo customizes each automatic raking machine to site and application specifics. It is simple to retrofit into existing installations, usually with no need for expensive civil modifications.  Ovivo has shown innovative solutions in response to specific site requirements, resulting in new options for other sites; Switch Tracks, Extended Guided Gripper and the new Hot Rail or “Festoonless” Brackett Bosker.

Today, there are over 1000 successful installations worldwide. It is this unique combination of an efficient design and long-term, in-depth field experience that is your assurance of reliable and economical performance.

The Problem

Conventional trashrakes can require complex civil works and large amounts of space to operate, as well as having only limited abilities to remove oversized, awkward debris such as tree trunks, tires, weeds, etc. Conventional rakes also have difficulty removing fibrous material that becomes entwined in the screening bars. These rakes either ride over debris or push debris deeper into the bar screen, compounding the effects of headloss and excessive velocities through the bar screen. Additionally, once a conventional trashrake has removed debris, a second debris handling system is required, adding to costs, complexity and maintenance. Conventional rakes have difficulty raking multiple bar screens, requiring either a rake for each screen or complex, labor-intensive systems to traverse between screens. These rakes have to be manually operated, in most cases.

The Solution

brackett bosker capacity 3000kgThe Brackett Bosker® Automatic Raking Screen is a trashrake cubed, adding value by doing the work of three conventional machines – a trashrake, a conveyor and a debris loading system. There is no need for multiple rakes, conveyor belts or manual handling of debris, substantially reducing costs. Debris is loaded directly into a dump skip or trailer, eliminating the need for additional handling. Open, overhead construction means the screen deck is uncluttered. Our engineers can include bends in the over-head monorail if required, allowing access to multiple screens or remote dump sites. Operation is fast, simple and fully automatic, providing 24-hour coverage in case of nighttime screen blockages.

Brackett Bosker® Automatic Trashrake features

brackett bosker switch track

Switch Track, to allow cleaning on two different intake with the same monorail

  • The monorail system leaves access clear at deck level and optimizes available working area on the deck
  • Structural supports can be easily positioned at most sites to accommodate the track
  • Low noise operation for urban sites
  • Capacity ranges from 250 to 3000kg safe working load (debris loading)
  • Grippers available in widths of up to 5m
  • Barscreen spacing from 12mm to 200mm+
  • Intake depths of over 60m can be cleaned
  • Vertical barscreens can be cleaned
  • The gripper is generally open sided to allow automatic extraction of debris, such as long tree trunks, and can easily extract awkward debris such as logs, oil drums, pallets and plastic sheets, and ice sheets in colder regions
  • Multiple dump areas are selectable
  • The monorail track can be curved to achieve remote location dumping
  • Travel speeds from 10 to 60m/min are possible on wide screens, reducing overall cleaning cycle times
  • Fully automatic start from pushbutton, time clock, periodic timer, level differential signal and remote signal from telemetry is available. Manual control is available for initial machine set up after installation and for service, repair and overhaul operations only
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