Advances in Sedimentation – Reverse Manifold Device Technology

Ovivo Sedimentation Receives Patent for the “RMD” Device

Ovivo USA, LLC has been granted a US patent for the Reverse Manifold Device (RMD) technology.  The RMD allows access to sludge solids in clarifiers with limited or no access at the bottom of the tank.  Common uses would be for tanks with no sludge return line or inoperable sludge return lines below the tank floor.  The RMD can also be used for clarifiers with insufficient capacity in the existing sludge return line.

With the RMD, the sludge return line travels concentrically up inside the clarifier support column.  At the top of the column, it is redirected to travel along the clarifier walkway or by an alternate means of support to the tank perimeter, where it is able to connect to the yard process piping.

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