316(b) compliance with Ovivo

Tackling 316(b) is S.I.M.P.L.E.
with Ovivo!

Our proven Band Screens, Fish Handling Screen & Fish Guidance System comply with EPA regulation 316(b) so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. Learn more about each of theses systems below.

Band screens are the most efficient means of removing suspended solids for primary wastewater applications for raw water intake and cooling water treatment. The fully automatic operation requires minimal operator intervention resulting in reduced operating costs. Pre-packaged unit allows for ease of installation and the increased capture ratio boosts plant efficiency.

There is an increasing demand for marine life conservation worldwide. Ovivo’s fish guidance and deflection systems are considered “best practice” in the UK, and are consistently used in the USA to meet EPA standards and promote “green” practices. Passive and fish handling screening methods are “fish friendly” providing barriers for all stages of fish development or recovery and return, while behavior barriers can target specific species using light, sound or vibration to deter migrating fish.

Fish Guidance System - Sound Projector Arrays

Fish Guidance System – Sound Projector Arrays


Ovivo® Fish Guidance System – Sound Projector Arrays is based on the latest SILAS™ (Synchronized Intense Light and Sound) technology. It is designed specifically for large scale water intakes, but is suitable for any intake type including retrofit on marine and freshwater. The SILAS system uses a combination of flashing intense light and an acoustic sound fields that provide sensory stimulus to the fish, which encourages an avoidance reaction and diverts them away from the point of extraction.



Ovivo® Fish Guidance System – Bio Acoustic Fish Fence (BAFF) uses a combination of sensory stimuli that produces a linear barrier, guiding fish away from the point of water collection. Customized sound signals, directional strobe lighting and an air bubble curtain provide directional control. Ovivo designed the BAFF system to comply with UK Best Practice recommendations and US legislation, helping our customers to maintain “green” credentials.

Brackett Green® S.I.M.P.L.E.® Fish Handling Screen

S.I.M.P.L.E.® fish screens are supplied as dual flow, dual flow conversion and thru-flow models. The unique design provides for the natural tendency of juvenile fish to seek shelter in the integrated buckets when caught in the flow of an intake. The screen rotates the fish to deck level where a series of gentle sprays channels the fish into a trough, then back to their source water. The Brackett Green® S.I.M.P.L.E® Fish Handling Screens is in compliance EPA regulation 316b.

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