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Ovivo Copa® Tipping Bucket

Ovivo Copa® Tipping Bucket Ovivo Copa® Tipping Bucket

Copa® tipping buckets are a cost effective solution for the cleaning of rectangular storm tanks. These automatic flushing systems remove the need for the manual or mechanical cleaning of storm water holding tanks, thereby removing any associated health and safety dangers. This design provides a simple and cost effective solution, which is virtually maintenance free. The buckets can be installed in open or enclosed storm tanks. No power is required for the tipping bucket operation.

Further Details

Tipping buckets can be installed in virtually any size of rectangular storm water holding tank, and can be designed to meet specific site conditions. 

Typical mounting configurations are:

  • Between the tank side walls
  • Ceiling mounted
  • End wall mounted
  • Coping mounted

These flushing systems are designed for rectangular tanks as standard. Several tipping buckets will be arranged in parallel for wide tanks, and in series for extremely long tanks. Tipping buckets can also be located at the opposite sides or ends of the tanks, so that they flush and clean the sediment into a central sump.

We can also supply water supply, pumping and controls to suit our clients requirements



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