Clarksville, TN WWTP Gets Ready for Ovivo’s Double Entry Drum Screen Start-Up

The City of Clarksville is a unique, quaint historical town with a strong military and student community. It’s ranked as one of the best places to retire in the United States with a thriving population of 120,000 people. The Clarksville Wastewater System is one of the largest in Tennessee and serves its ‘Clarksvilliians’ by meeting a strict NPDES permit and effluent standards.

In 2011, Clarksville embarked on a mission to upgrade its WWTP. The new headworks would need a primary screen that can handle both coarse and fine screenings from raw sewage and CSO flows. After careful evaluation with their consulting engineers, Hazen and Sawyer, the Ovivo® double entry drum screens were selected as the screen of choice. With its sturdy, A- frame design enclosed within an 18 foot drum diameter, each of the drum screens can handle 45 MGD of wastewater – even with 3 mm fine screen perforations. The captured screenings are then conveyed to Ovivo supplied sluice troughs and high performance washer compactors for cleaning and compaction, thus reducing haulage costs.

Ovivo’s team of engineers and project managers made sure the design met the specification requirements, and ensured that quality was maintained during the manufacturing process. Ovivo provided detailed installation procedures and supervisory services during the installation of these units, which made the work of the contractor relatively easy.

We are quite excited about this installation and look forward to the next step, when Archer Western prepares for final commissioning and start-up of these screens.

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